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Author’s Biography

Ernie Rosenberg has authored both books, Amy’s Best Friend and Amy Meets the Saints and Sages. He holds a Ph.D. degree in psychology and a State of California teaching credential. He has taught from pre-school to graduate school in the public, private, and business sectors. Ernie co-founded one of the early special education schools in the San Francisco Bay area and has run a home for teenagers in legal difficulty. He produced environmental education software, which was distributed by Apple Computer, Inc., and developed the first computer based training program adopted by the Zurich, Switzerland school system. Ernie has two children and two grandchildren. He lived for seven years in a meditation ashram where prayer and study of the saints were among his primary spiritual practices. His website is: http://www.mychildsprayers.com


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Illustrator’s Biography

Rob Peters is the illustrator of Amy’s Best Friend. He is a busy illustrator, cartoonist and designer. He graduated with a degree in Visual Communications from Judson College in Elgin, Illinois and worked as a cover artist and designer in the yearbook industry for over five years. In 2007, he started as a freelance artist and since then has designed logos, drawn games for smart phone apps, and illustrated numerous children’s picture books. Rob also draws the online comic book Crazy Cal Presents at www.crazycal.com. He currently lives with his wife and two children in Topeka, KS.  His website is: http://www.rob-peters.com/



Illustrator’s Biography

Sudipta Dasgupta is the illustrator of Amy Meets the Saints and Sages. He is an experienced commercial artist. Has been in this profession for past six years after graduating from Govt College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, India with 1st Class marks. He is comfortable with any style and medium. He is the owner of Dasguptarts. He has extensive experience creating artwork in a variety of styles and mediums for over hundred companies and individuals worldwide. Sudipta does drawing and painting in all mediums, digital and traditional. His artwork has been created for storybooks and other books, book covers, cartoons, caricatures, image editing, comic strips, advertising elements, storyboard, poster, hoarding, web pages, dangler, POS design, magazine ads, press ads, show cards, greeting cards, games, mobile apps, calendars, logo design, pavilion design etc. The variety and quality of his artwork can be seen at http://www.dasguptarts.com and he can be reached from the same web address.