Amy’s Best Friend


Your Own Conversations with God


Want Your Child to Be in a Direct, Intimate

Relationship with God?

Try This!


Our book, Amy’s Best Friend, Prayers of a Child, models a life of prayer that springs directly from a child’s very own experiences.

  • Amy’s Best Friend models for your child a life of prayer free from any religious authority. It is completely non-denominational.
  • Amy’s Best Friend models for your child what having God as your very best friend could look like.
  • Amy’s Best Friend models for your child a fun, inspiring relationship with God (or Spirit or Higher Power or whatever you prefer).
  • Amy’s Best Friend supports your child in developing a genuine measure of spiritual independence.
  • Amy’s Best Friend gives you, the parent, an utterly delightful role to play in your child’s relationship with God.

Click here to receive, without cost, Amy’s Best Friend, Prayers of a Child (in pdf format), and by mid-January, an announcement of the release of our new book, Amy Speaks to the Saints and Sages.

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